Today in History – October 26, 1966- Capt Glenn R. Morrison, Jr. is MIA

26 October 1966 Captain Glenn Raymond Morrison Jr., who joined the U.S. Air Force from Iowa, was a member of 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron. On October 26, 1966, he was the pilot of a single-seat F-100 Super Sabre (tail number 3167) that departed Phan Rang Air Base as the number three aircraft in a three-plane combat mission targeting enemy positions in Tay Ninh Province, South Vietnam.

After bombing the target, the flight was instructed to pick up more ordnance and perform another attack on the same area. As they carried out the second attack, the flight leader twice radioed Capt Morrison to report his position but received no response. The flight leader then noticed a crash site south of the target, in the vicinity of (GC) XT 430 575. An investigation of the crash site determined that the aircraft had crashed into tall trees there and disintegrated on impact.

A more extensive search could not be conducted due to enemy presence in the area, and Capt Morrison remains unaccounted for. Following the incident, the Air Force promoted Capt Morrison to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col). Today, Lieutenant Colonel Morrison is memorialized on the Courts of the Missing at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Based on all information available, DPAA assessed the individual’s case to be in the analytical category of Non-recoverable. (1)

Glenn graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958 and elected to have an Air Force Commission.

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