Formerly called, “Decoration Day,” and established to decorate the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers, the last Monday in May is now called, “Memorial Day,” on which we honor the memory of those who have fallen during service to their country. The shopping malls will be full of sales; streets full of parades, flags, bent veterans and marching bands; hot dogs in backyards; laughing children; some fireworks; baseball games; small flags by white grave markers in Arlington and military cemeteries across the country.

For we members of the Super Sabre Society, today has a special meaning – memories of friends gone, but well-remembered. We see their faces, hear their voices and remember their laughs – our friends, our classmates, squadron mates, wingmen, commanders. We flew together in good weather and bad, over land and water, day and night. We drank together in bars from Rangoon to Racine; deployed to Europe and North Africa, South America, the Middle East, and Asia. We sat nuclear alert and fought together dodging AAA, ground fire and SAMs, and a couple even had MiG encounters. We loved tankers, Sandys, Jolly Greens and PJ’s. We ran to bunkers under rocket and mortar attack. We scrambled from alert and pulled out all stops to support our ground troops.

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