We found a missing Barstooler

SSS member and former POW Jon Reynolds asked us to find “Al Voegelin”. Jon wanted to reach out to Al because he reached out to his parents during his 6 years as a POW.

Al V’s name was easily misspelled and is actually Al Milton Voegelin Jr from Weeki Watchie FL, and his spouse since 1999 Kay says Al is the kindest man she’s ever met. He was remembered by five SSS members, but they all thought he headed west, except Gib Ahl.  I finally located him on whitepages.com and he’s now 88.

Al has a few thousand F-100 hours and ran the Jubilee cocktail lounge from 1975-82 after retiring from the USAF.  His assignments include F-84, F-86, and F-100C at Foster AFB, and F-100D’s at Homestead, FL and the 429th TFS stationed at Cannon AFB 1961.  From 1964-66 he was an early F-4 pilot at McDill AFB and later a Night Owl F-4 pilot with 120-night missions from Ubon AB, Thailand. He returned to Homestead in F-4E’s from 1971-73 and retired in 1975.

Al thinks he’s an SSS member, so now Kay promised to sign him up so his two children and two grandchildren can see him on Facebook and our SSS website.

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