Our new membership website is first class with an updated design and features

Our new SSS website is built to serve Membership…and preserve our legacy

The Supersabre society website is complete thanks to your support.  In terms of unique visitors, we average 94 visits per day (or over 2,800 visits per month), which is 28 times the rate of visits registered by our former “all volunteer ” website operation.

We’re completely optimized for web search engines, making it easier to join the Super Sabre Society. With members’ biographies and eulogies accessible, registered and indexed, the legacy of the F-100 Pilots as well as this fine warbird will persist.

Our Smithsonian NASM event is fully subscribed, thanks to Hoppy’s persistence and your encouragement.

Our new forum is experiencing  three times  the activity of the old PIF system and has  130 new users in just the past 6 weeks!

Eulogies and new biographies (bio’s that are entered into the WordPress CMS) are indexed and showing up on the first page of most search inquiries (namely Google).  If your grandchildren Google your name, it will take them to your biography (and/or eulogy) on this website. Note that not all biographies have been converted into WordPress so this only works for those that are entered into the system (not the PDF formats).

The old Toss bombs are replaced with a professional membership communication program, with a feedback loop.

We can tell the most visited areas by members. Currently it’s “What’s new” and the NASM event”.

No other Fighter Aircraft organization has our level of interest or web support with real time updates.

Here’s one screenshot of our website’s visits:

The website is built to serve Membership


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