A son sends a treasure trove of F-100 history

The Super Sabre Society received the following information from Bill Fowler, son of F-100 Pilot Mel Fowler.

My father, Lt Col Mel Fowler commanded several F-100 squadrons in Europe and Vietnam. His last command was the 531st TFS Ramrods at Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam, from 1966-67, where he joined the Caterpillar Club, among other adventures.  He retired from the USAF in 1971 and headed west suddenly 1n 1987 while reportedly engaged as an asset for the CIA.



I have recently digitized his scrapbook my Dad’s the Vietnam tour. The scrapbook was constructed of paper that was beginning to crumble, but we were able to get some high-resolution photos of the pages. I wish to share this history by offering a link to my DropBox where you can view and download any photo you find interesting.

I also have several other scrapbooks from his earlier days flying F-100s with the 36th FDW at Soesterberg AB, and later at Cannon AFB, Incirlik AB and Wheelus AB, as well a story about his work in Italy for the CIA.



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