Michael W. Stover

Preferred Name: Mike
Nickname/Call Sign: Smokey
Date Of Birth: 02-19-1944
Highest Military Grade Held: Lt. Col (05)
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Civilian Education

  • BA in Psychology, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Purdue University, FOrt Wayne, IN
  • PanAmerican University, Harlingen, TX

Units Assigned

  • 1967-1968 – 3526 PTS Williams AFB, AZ Class 68-G T-41, T-37, T-38 (233 Hrs)
  • 1968-1972 – 163 TFS/ 122 TFG, Fort Wayne, IN – F-84F (755 Hrs)
  • 1971-1979 – 163 TFS, 122 TFG, 122 TFW Fort Wayne, IN – F-100D/F (1050 Hrs)
  • 1919 – 555 TTS, Luke AFB, AZ – F-4C
  • 1979-1987 – 163TFS/122TFW Fort Wayne, IN – F-4C, F-4E (738 Hrs)

Military Education

  • Basic Training, Amarillo AFB, TX
  • UPT Class 68-G, Williams AFB, AZ
  • Sqdn Officers School and Air Command & Staff via correspondence
  • F-4 Transition, Luke AFB, AZ


While in my Junior year of college I enlisted in the 122 TFG at Fort Wayne, IN with 19 other college guys to go to pilot training. I went to Basic Training at Amarillo AFB, TX in AUG/SEP 1966 and upon graduation was assigned to the 122nd Supply Sqdn, 122 TFG Fort Wayne for duty. In February 1966 I was commissioned 2LT and left for Pilot Training at Williams AFB, Chandler, AZ in April 1967. After completion of UPT in May of 1968 I spent 90 days on EAD transitioning into the Republic F-84F. Transition into the North American F-100D/F was completed at home station Fort Wayne in 1971. Transition into the F-4 was completed at Luke AFB, AZ in 1979. I worked as a civilian throughout my career flying nights, weekends, summer camps and deployments whenever possible. Managed to accumulate 2797 hours during my 21 and a half years of service.
Married Linda Barna in October 1966 and still going.
Three children, all boys. The middle son is a full timer in the ANG at Rickenbacker Joint Base, Columbus, OH and just passed 20 years of service including 5 deployments to Saudi, Iraq and Afghanistan.
I retired from the Indiana Air National Guard and USAF in November 1987.

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