F-100 Last Combat Mission

Video compilation of (sometimes rough) 16mm footage taken in Viet Nam documenting the last mission of four Bien Hoa F-100 pilots in Jan 1969. One of the participating pilots was the 510 TFS/CC at the time (“The Buzzards of Bien Hoa”) and he assigned an individual to film the event. There are aircraft and personnel ground movement sequences plus airborne gun and aft-looking pod camera scenes of rocket, strafe, and high-drag employments. Other 8mm scenes have been added and edited to help make a “story” that every Viet Nam F-100 pilot can relate to. Set to music, it lasts about 15 minutes.

Click here to download and play the video (Windows Media Player)

Click here to download and play the video (QuickTime Player)

For a personal DVD made from the master recording, send $20 and your address (including e-mail address to notify you that your copy has been mailed) to:

Ken Peterson

43 Brick Mill Road
Bedford, NH 03110-5115

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