The Spring 2015 Intake is in the mail to all SSS members

Extra, Extra – Read all about it!

 Issue 27 of “The Intake” was mailed from Fort Worth, TX, this week on 12 March. Expect delivery soon, depending on your distance from that P.O. International mail may take up to two weeks to arrive, but it’ll be well worth the wait. Here’s a sneak peek at the Front Cover, Table of Contents and “The Way We Were Department” photos. (Click on pages for closer looks.)

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Something for everyone in this issue, including the first-ever article written by the spouse of one of our Hun jock members. That would be Rose Shepperd reporting on her view of the Fighter World and the “longest year in recorded history.”

We have quite a few new members, for whom this issue will be their first hands-on look at a paper copy of our journal. They will be in for a treat, we think. Here’s a quote from one of our new members from last year in response to getting his hands or a real paper copy:

“Just received my first issue of The Intake today. The Herculean efforts to produce this great publication are more than just noticeable; they are much appreciated. My sincere congrats on the great job! It is the Cadillac of fighter magazines. I am still slowly absorbing back issues through the website Archives. Now that is also a great touch! I know of no other place where anything comparable is available. I only regret I have not been a member of long standing and have been unable to ‘play’ in this wonderful fighter pilot pool.” — Ed Grischkowsky.

If you are a newbie, as was Ed, be sure and visit “The Intake Archives” section of the SSS website. It is accessible from the secured Member Area, which you can enter with your email address and personal password. There are PDFs of 26 previous editions of our journal there, just waiting for you to dig in and read them in publication sequence from the beginning. That’ll keep you busy while you wait for Issue 28, coming out this summer. Enjoy!

Medley Gatewood, Founding Member
Editor & Publisher

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