Future Fighter Pilots? Sharing the F-100 experience with Grandkids.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]LTC Pete Collins (USAF Ret) had the chance to share the F-100 experience with grandsons, Colin and Bode, on a trip to Ft. Wayne. The boys got a chance to climb in and around Dean’s F-100. It’s the stuff of dreams, sitting in the cockpit, imagining flying our beloved Hun. Are these our future fighter pilots?

Writer and educator Lisa Carpenter at Grandparents.com says one of the 6 family stories to tell your grandchildren is about your proudest moments. “Pride in oneself is a powerful and positive tool, and there’s no easier way to encourage that in children than by sharing anecdotes of pride-filled moments from your past.


Are your proudest moments tied to creative pursuits or related to service to your family, your community, your country? Perhaps it was a moment of realizing your personal power when resisting peer pressure, accepting responsibility, overcoming a challenge? Sharing such moments leads a child to consider similar moments she should – or could – be proud of.”(1)

Source (1) 6 Family stories to tell your grandkids again and again




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