More Great Bio Stories

Hello SSS Members! It’s been a busy month and I’m excited about publishing the stories many of you have submitted. There have been quite a few new bios added and many more updated with the new format or new information. Some good Caterpillar stories are available, see Charlie Summers’ bio and find out about his Security Blanket and read the harrowing story of Bruce Gold and Larry Peters. A short bio story by Don Delauter is worth reading, as is Bob Lilac’s story.  Take a look at the new photos on Gene O’Bakers Images tab, Dave Diffenderfer’s new bio page, and Al Bartel’s pilot and Caterpillar stories. Wells Jackson just added a Misty story, it’s exciting and you’ll all relate!

You may find an email from me in your inbox requesting additional information for your page and approval for your pilot story. The more quickly you respond, the more stories we have to share with our website readers. If I don’t hear from you after 7 days, (I know you’re busy), I’ll post the story on your page. You can always call or email me with changes or edits.

Every story is a gift to those of us who learn something new each time we read an account of the life of a fighter pilot. Please take the time to send yours. You can also call me 717-707-5602 on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday, and I’ll record then transcribe your story. I am personally awed by your courageousness and your commitment in the face of ever present danger. I tell the stories to my family and friends, store clerks, wait staff and anybody who gives me an opening.

As always, thank you for your service and your willingness to share your story.