Jack Doub Headed West


Logan Jackson “Jack” Doub 08/28/1934 – 1/13/2017
Aviation Cadet to LtCol

We lost a great F-100 pilot who started in the F-86 Sabre Jet and went on to fly the next fighter, the Super Sabre, for 11 years. He flew the F-100  in the most challenging and hazardous environments;  in combat at the height of the Vietnam War, and later as Misty 145 flying in combat over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, where prisoners only rarely survived. He holds the record for F-100 combat missions: 572.

He ended his F-100 flying days as Active Air Advisor to the Terre Haute Indiana Air National Guard, the last military unit to fly the Super Sabre.

Jack was a charter member of  the Super Sabre Society and frequent contributor to our journal, The Intake. His  contagious personality filled any room. Jack was clever, very curious and a joy to all his friends.

Jack loved both flying and people. We miss you Jack!



  • Pilot Training, Class 57F, Spence/Bryan, T-34, T-28, T-33
  • 1957-59, 357th FS, Nouasseur AB, Morocco, F-86
  • 1959-60, Flight Test, Moody AFB, GA T-33, F-86
  • 1960-63, UPT IP, Reese AFB, TX T-33
  • 1963-66, BIS IP, Randolph AFB, TX T-33, T-38
  • 1964-65, Bootstrap, Univ. of Omaha,
  • 1966, 4514th CCTS, Luke AFB, AZ, F-100
  • 1967, 90th TFS, Bien Hoa AB, RVN F-100
  • 1968-69, CinC Briefer, PACAF HQ, T-33
  • 1969, 510th TFS, Bien Hoa AB, RVN F-100
  • Oct. ’69-May ’70, Misty, F-100F
  • 1970, 531st TFS, Bien Hoa AB, RVN, F-100
  • 1970-’71, student, Army Command & Staff, Ft. Leavenworth, KS T-41
  • 1971-’73, TAC AIR Instructor, Army Command & Staff, Ft. Leavenworth, T-41 & C-131
  • 1973-’77, 181st Tac Fighter Group, IN ANG, Terre Haute, IN F-100
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