Robert F. Cassaro, Jr. “Headed West” on October 18, 2020

Bob “Cass” Cassaro was born in Illinois in 1933. He served in the USAF as a pilot. While flying the F-100 as Misty 83 he was shot down on 12 January 1969 and rescued. Cass received the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery as a Misty FAC.

He flew full-time for the AZANG and after his Misty tour taught F-16 academics until his retirement. At the 162nd Fighter Weapons School, Cass, as Director of Training, “was responsible for the development of the most innovative training program we had ever seen.” His ideas became the data for the Tactical Training Manual for Low Altitude Flight (Miller, 1983, and revisions).”(1)

Cass has been in ill health for the past few years. He will be missed.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.





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