SSS Charter Member Charles Stamschror Headed West

Charles J. Stamschror,  April 28, 1933 – February 14, 2019

From Charlie’s Daughter

Hi All – This is Charlie’s daughter Jill. I wanted to let you know that my Dad passed away on Valentine’s Day. He was a passenger in a car, coming home from playing cards with friends in Santa Cruz. As they were traveling over Highway 17, after a series of several heavy rainstorms that week, a tree broke loose and fell on the car. Dad died instantly. We are so grateful that he didn’t suffer, but we are terribly sad and miss him so much. My Mom wanted me to let you all know. If you are inclined to want to donate in his memory, please choose a Veteran’s organization of your choice, as Dad dearly loved his years in the military and forever supported our troops. Thank you all for being a part of his very happy life – Jill



From Charlie’s SSS Biography

“I’ve been blessed to have been married to a beautiful, truly fantastic lady for the past forty-one years, have two children and two grandchildren and now live In Los Altos, CA.

Bob Fizer that said he feels as though he has never worked a day in his life because of the flying jobs he has had. I too feel the same way. I’ve gotten to know and fly with some of the worlds finest, and I cherish the things I have learned from them. Life has been a great ride! My thanks to all you Hun Drivers.”

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