Lawrence Kelly Irving “Misty 66” interred at Arlington National Cemetery on February 8, 2021

Major Kelly Irving “Misty 66” was interred at Arlington on February 8, 2021. SSS Members Ross “Rosie” Detwiler “Misty 67” and Jere Wallace “Misty 23” were present.  Their photos are attached, note nickels on the casket.

Here is Ross Detwiler’s note on Kelly…

“Kelly was always the first to go somewhere.  He flew his first Misty mission the day before me. When we both wound up as T-37 IP’s he did the spin ride before me.  He got to his second tour before me and managed to divert into Udorn twice before I got checked out, just to “brief you up” on what was coming, Reno Air Race judge…..yup, before me.

So now, he’s gone West before me and while I hope it’ll be a while before I see him again, I know, as I told Gail, exactly what he’s going to say,

“Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, O.K. Sit down. Let me tell you how this place works. ahhh, you’re gonna love it, man, it’s really…….”

To watch a video of the ceremony click on the following link.

Kelly Irving Funeral Service at Arlington National Cemetery



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