Leo Reviews the trip to Lake Mead at the 2022 SSS Las Vegas Reunion

Visit to Lake Mead

Two buses met us at Tropicana for a trip to Lake Mead. It was a pleasant ride with everyone telling stories to one another. When the paved road ended near the lake we started down hill on a dirt road toward the marina. It was obvious that the dirt and rock that we were driving over was at one time under water.

Beside the road there was a water pipe and power cables laying on the ground that led to the marina gift shop. At the marina there were several boats plus a large paddle wheel three story boat. We all climbed aboard and found the top deck to be open air with rows of seats.

The view was great of the hillsides all around and an inlet that led to Hoover dam. We drove down to the dam and the spillway seemed to be quite high. There was a tour guide on the boat speaker system that gave a running explanation of what we were seeing.

Looking at the lines on the rock hills it was obvious the water level was very low. The guide said the water was down 150 feet.

The boat also had a kitchen that grilled items cooked to order and it was very tasty. We stopped at the marina gift shop for souvenirs. The trip was fun, the weather was sunny and we learned a lot about Hoover Dam that was built on the Colorado River in 1935.


Photo from Pinterest on Lake Mead water levels, then and now.

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