From Les Leavoy 2007

As a Memorial Day Remembrance I am attaching a letter my dad wrote on the Battle of the Bulge in response to a question he received from one of his buddies on the Super Sabre Society group forum back in 2007.

Les Leavoy was in the fighter cockpit for 34 years and saw a lot of combat. During Memorial Day each year we were always together.  Les and I would sit out back by my fire pit listening to Glenn Miller, he with his gin and me with my scotch. 

Les would always want to discuss the young men that he fought with in World War II that were killed in action.  “Boys” 19 and 20 years old who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms while barely experiencing life themselves. They never got married, never had kids, no graduations, weddings, grand kids.

On my dad’s death bed two years ago at 90 years old he encouraged me not to grieve for him but to honor these young boys who gave so much so that we could live the American Dream.

God Bless all who have sacrificed for our freedom.           

~Laird Leavoy

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