Roy Ripley of Fort Walton Beach FL Headed West April 10th

Roy’s funeral is Friday April 15th at the Cross Point Methodist Church, Niceville, FL at 1330.

Roy’s Obituary

From SSS’r  DH Williams: “Roy Ripley was an early Hun Driver and was one of my heros when I arrived at my first operational assignment, Cannon AFB, NM in 1960.. As a young Captain, he was the assistant maintenance officer of the 522 TFS. We integrated into this squadron and became good friends. We deployed on an exercise to the Phillipeans in 1961.

In the early 1960s, we parted, when Roy and Shirley went to Grmany and F-105s; Jean & I went to England. Roy & I were together again in Thailand (RTAFB Udorn), where his squadron checked me out for combat duty in the F4. We both were in the Pentagon in th 1970s.

Once again we were together at Eglin AFB – he was Base Commander – I was Wing Commander. He awarded our yard (in base housing), best yard (two times in six months). I told him that the pressure was too much – that he should choose another family to carry the honor of best yard on Eglin AFB.

Roy Ripley is a great American – and a tribute to the Nation he served. He is a asset for America and to the USAF which he proudly served. I salute my friend and his wife, Shirley ,for their service to our country.”

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