Santa’s new ride… A Christmas 2020 poem


T’was Christmas 2020 and throughout the house,
Not many were stirring with COVID about.
No big family to-do, no gifts in big stacks,
Just a few in the house, wearing our masks.

We were having a call on the software called Zoom
When all of a sudden, we heard a great BOOM!
The windows they rattled, the doors they all shook,
I ran to the door to take a good look.

When what to my wondering eyes did I spy
An ancient A-model coming out of the sky
It dead-sticked right there on the front of our lawn
And a fat guy got out with a red flight suit on.

“Ho, Ho” Santa said, “I love flying that Hun”
It’s faster than reindeer and a whole lot more fun!
I’ve come here to wish you great tidings and plenty,
We’ll soon say goodbye to nightmare 2020.

Perhaps Christmas right now won’t be carols and chorus
But a chance to reflect on those gone before us.
Here’s news of some pilots who from Earth did eject,
Raising hell up in heaven, as one might expect.

George Welch is with Elvis, they’re drinking some gin
And Yeager is here and is now settling in.
He’s bunking with Bud, Boots, and Polan,
Hanging out daily with Rippy and Sands.

Matchette, Cassaro, Smidt and Dick Hale
can be found with the Bankus’s telling their tales.
Pete Gunn, Root, and Lew are friends with Ron Bewley,
Bluto and Champ and Neal and George Dooley.

McLean and Olds are with Forest Fenn,
Tote, Hoover, and Daube are with KIA men.
Kelly and Marcus and Bakke and Dowd
Are happy to be here, back with their crowd.

Slater and Razz and Loftus and Cherry
Buchowski and Slader and Nophsker and Jerry
Farnsworth and Smith and all who’ve flown West
Want to remind you, you’re the “Best of the Best.”

Everyone says a great big hello,
To their family and friends still there below,
They’ll see you again when the timing is right
‘Til then, Merry Christmas and to all a good night.


by MB Barrett


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