Fort Wayne F-100 Flight Schedule May 17-22, 2016

Flying dates are May 16-22. Dean Cutshall, estimates two or three rides per day, The following SSS members have signed up to fly in this clean F-100F.

Mark Berent
Lou Silvestri
Don Campbell
Bill Lynch
Roger Root
John Stewart
Don Ground
Gary Silence
Dick Graham
Joe Broker
Bob Terbet
Jim Loven
Ed Haerter

Bob “Doc”Gold

Backup Pilots:
Hal Rounds
Ken Ramsey

A $100.00 raffle is planned at the event for the last two slots.

The rides will be about 40 minutes, with an hour to turn the bird between flights. Two experienced technicians with 50 years of combined F-100 experience will assist using pre-packed drag chutes for “quick turns.”

Bring  boots if you have them. If you can still fit in your flight suit, bring it and a helmet . If  you’re not flying, you’ll still want to have your picture taken by the Hun. Dean Cutschall’s insurance won’t allow front seat rides, but he promises all our fliers will get plenty of stick time.

After original delivery to the Air Force in 1958, Dean Cutshall’s F-100F, 56-3948, was in the U.S. inventory until 1974 when it was delivered to the Turkish air force. Fifteen years later it returned to Tracor Industries, Mojave, California, and was sold once more before Dean acquired the plane in 1996. Ft. Wayne is home to the 163rd TFS, an A-10 Squadron which flew the F-100s from 1971-79. There are two SSS members and about 25 former 163rd F-100 Pilots in Indiana and we expect many to support this event.



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