What a Dream Come True!

From Joe Breen who just flew in Dean Cutshall’s F-100
Breen-Flies-768x513 What a dream come true being back in the bird once again.  I don’t know how many times in the past 50 years I have fallen asleep and found myself taxiing out in the Hun as I dreamed of days gone by, and to actually do it again is beyond words.  I told Dean and the guys they’d better have a bunch of Kleenex at the ready as there will be a lot of wet eyes come next week.  To stand there touching the beast again and as she stands there at the ready really put my heart in my throat and 55 years rolled away and I was 20 again.  

This was the chance of a lifetime!

But just patting that old steed again, checking the intake, pushing the slats up was a trip to yester year.  As my wife used to tell me when I would whimper about missing the thrill of flying the F-100, “far better to be a has been, than a never was.”  I think that applies to all of us in the SSS.

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