The Memorial Service for General Charles “Chuck” Boyd.

The memorial services for General Charles “Chuck” Boyd took place on 14 July at Arlington National Cemetery. Distinguished members of the USAF and USN attended and spoke about Chuck’s illustrious career.

Speakers included: Rear Admiral Bob Shumaker, Admiral Mike Mullins, Emilee Reynolds, Chuck’s son Dallas Boyd, General Ron Fogleman (a contemporary, and another MC driver – Chuck loved BMW MC’s). General David W. Allvin, USAF Vice Chief, represented the Air Force at the funeral.

There was also an F-16 Flyby.

Bob Shumaker calls Chuck Boyd “a man of great passion . . . for the country, his family, the Air Force, motorcycles, and certainly for T-34 airplanes.”  

Bob tells us that on 25 June a Celebration of Life for Chuck Boyd was held at his “farm” which is located about fifty miles west of Washington, DC. 

“It was in a beautiful setting with about 150 guests present who enjoyed a catered meal in a cavernous tent.

The feature event was a fly-by of fifteen T-34 airplanes in tight formation followed by a four-plane missing man flight. Just as the lead plane peeled off the audience spotted a lone bald eagle soaring overhead as if observing the show. It was a striking omen and could not have been better staged by Alfred Hitchcock.

A hot mike allowed friends to make comments, and Emilee Reynolds told a touching story of how her late husband Jon admired Chuck and his many accomplishments.”

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