Generous Offer of Artwork by George Dubick

George Dubick’s artwork is always engaging, beautifully crafted, and great fun to see. Here’s a recent pen and ink and some bonus illustrations. Click on the illustrations to enlarge them.

Caption from George…

“Formation flying in these very sophisticated T6A Texan II “Trainers” has got to be a blast! A world of difference from the T-34A’s we flew back in the late 1950s, early 60s. With 1100 SHP Turboprop jet powerplants, “Glass” cockpits and Ejection seats, helmets, and O2 masks, one is well prepared to step up into pure jet aircraft. The device protruding from the left wing that looks like a Pitot Tube is actually an Angle-Of-Attack sensing probe which accordingly gives both audible and “ Stick-Shaker” warnings in the event of approaching Stall speed, etc. The pitot tube is located partially visible on the right wing. The aircraft originated as the Pilatus-built PC-9 and was the winner of the JAPATS competition years ago for the Next-Generation trainer among several entrants.

Any SSS Member wanting a (FREE) High-Resolution file of this illustration emailed to them can email me at You can also find more amazing art to download free at 

More of George’s artwork…


By the way, George says he has his “own flight simulator of the Hun which flys VERY MUCH like the real bird…No kidden!!”

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