On This Day – March 18, 1968 – Howie Williams and B. Willy Williams crash in Quang Binh Province.

March 18, 1968Lt. Col. Howard Keith Williams (then Captain) serving with the 7th Air Force, 31st Tactical Fighter Wing, 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron was on a mission over Quang Binh Province. He was “Misty 43” flying F-100D (#563784). His aircraft crashed over land and he was reported MIA.

Howie as he was known, was born on October 25, 1926, in Steubenville, OH. Col. Dick Gaines remembers “Howie and I struggled through Aviation Cadets together in Class 59-0 from Feb ’57 to Jun ’58. He often spoke of his wife and life back in Steubenville. He was a class act.”

Williams’ remains were recovered on March 6, 1991, and identified on February 26, 1992.

Howard Keith Williams is buried or memorialized at Courts of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial. This is an American Battle Monuments Commission location. Howard is honored on the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington DC. Name inscribed at VVM Wall, Panel 45e, Line 32.

March 18, 1968 – Also on this date, Brian “B.Willy” Williams “Misty 36” was sitting in the back seat of Howie Williams’ plane. He was also serving at Phu Cat with the 416TFS. B. Willy was recovered and went on to serve with the 353TFS/614TFS out of Torrejon from 68-72. He’s an SSS member and has retired from the USAF. He and his wife Pat live in Idaho.



March 18, 19691Lt T.J. Ebdon, was flying F-100D #553635 out of Tuy Hoa AB, Vietnam. On a mission over South Vietnam, his aircraft was hit by gunfire and he was forced to eject. T.J. was rescued by an Army Helo and sustained minor injuries.


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