Today in History – March 27, 1969 – Major Clyde Seiler – squadron record holder is shot down

March 27, 1966 – Major Clyde Seiler was flying F-100C (#541897) with Colorado’s 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron when he was shot down by enemy ground fire while conducting a strafing mission in support of American forces. He died in the crash, becoming the first of two pilots from the squadron killed in action during its Vietnam deployment. Just two months earlier he had set the squadron record of flying its 5,000th combat sortie (mission) since the unit arrived in May 1968.”(1)

Seiler experienced a traumatic event that resulted in loss of life on March 27, 1969. Recorded circumstances attributed to: “Died through hostile action, air crash on land”.

Clyde was born on May 24, 1931, in Aurora, Colorado. Major Seiler began his career in 1951, having 18 years of service, most if not all in the Air National Guard. (2)

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