Today in History – July 4, 1968 – Major J.S. Ellard flying F-100D #552900 is hit.

4 July 1968 – J.S. Ellard was serving with the 352 TFS/35 TFW out of Phan Rang aB, Vietnam. While en route to taking out a SAM site, Ellard’s F-100 was hit by gunfire. He crashed and was recovered but suffered major injuries.

4 July 2020 – Let us remember how hard we’ve struggled to maintain our country’s freedom. As we celebrate our Nation’s independence during a time of viral and political unrest, we remember that we are Americans. We are strong, we are brave and we will overcome. We have suffered before and we survived. In 2020, compassion and kindness are needed more than ever. Call a friend and wish them a Happy 4th! Hug your family!

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