Today in History – June 1, 1933 – Century of Progress Expo opens, “House of Tomorrow” shows home with hangar

1 June 1933 – The Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago was “originally intended to commemorate Chicago’s past” though it “came to symbolize hope for Chicago’s and America’s future in the midst of the Great Depression. This was the second world’s fair that Chicago had hosted, and by the time it closed, it had been visited by nearly 40 million fairgoers.”

“George Keck’s famed House of Tomorrow also debuted at the exposition. It was later transplanted to the Indiana dunes alongside other futuristic homes. This steel-framed model home deployed a radical use of glass and a curtain wall system. It included not only a garage but an airplane hangar for the day when we’d all need a space to park our private planes. The interior of the house was more down to earth, with features like dishwashers and air conditioning that would indeed become commonplace household items. ”


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