Today in History – November 17, 1954 – LtCol John England killed in F-86 flame out

Lt. Col. John Brooke England (1923–1954) is killed in a crash near Toul-Rosieres Air Base, France when he banked away from a barracks area while landing his North American F-86 Sabre in a dense fog. His engine flamed out.

He was on a rotational tour from Alexandria AFB, Louisiana, with the 389th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, which he commanded. He was a leading and much-decorated North American P-51 Mustang ace during World War II. Col. England flew 108 missions and scored 19 aerial victories-including 4 on one mission. England also served as a combat pilot in the Korean War. Alexandria Air Force Base was renamed England Air Force Base in his honor on 23 June 1955.


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