Today in History – November 19, 1967 – Capt Duncan Padgett Smyly is KIA in retaliation against “Buzzards”.

19 November 1967 – Capt Duncan Padgett Smyly was serving with the 512TFS “Buzzards” out of Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam. On that date, he was flying F-100D 563040 when”Enemy retaliation against the ‘Buzzards’ caused a loss of one aircraft and its pilot, Captain Duncan P. Smyly. On November 11, 1967, Major Duncan P. Smyly and Lt. Kirk Brimmer were scrambled off the alert pad to support friendly troops in contact with the enemy. Captain Smyly was on a napalm pass when his aircraft was hit by enemy fire. His attempted ejection was unsuccessful.”(1)

Duncan Padgett Smyly was an alumnus of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY. He selected Air Force and received his commission as a 2nd Lt in the U.S. Air Force upon graduation. He was one of 335 men from West Point who died or are MIA in Southeast Asia/Indochina during the period October 1957 to September 1972. (2)

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