27 September 1968 – Kuldar “Koot” Visnapuu was serving with the 174th TFS Phu Cat “Bats” in Vietnam. Lt. Kuldar Visnapuu’s had just taken off from a base in South Vietnam when his Supersabre was hit by enemy fire. He turned the plane toward the South China Sea and ejected safely, watching as his jet hit the water about 100 yards from shore and erupting in a ball of flames. Visnapuu, 26, landed on the beach.(1) Koot remembers how lucky he was that an Army Helo was nearby and able to rescue him. He was uninjured.  For more about Koot Visnapuu go to his bio page at https://supersabresociety.com/biography/visnapuu-kuldar/

Source: https://siouxcityjournal.com/blogs/siouxland_history/50-years-ago-schindlers-jewelry-opens-in-sioux-city/article_b9d7d361-5288-5e43-9fba-207e542b884d.html

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