Veteran’s Day Message

Super Sabre Society Veterans Day Message

veterans-day-messageIt started with our grandparents, then it was our parents and aunts and uncles, then it was us, and now our kids and grandkids. Veterans all, we answered the nation’s call, not for money, not for fame, but for our country and for each other. We recall the trenches of WWI with aerial combat swirling above in cloth airplanes; the beaches of WWII and 800-plane bomber strikes deep into enemy territory; the MiG-filled skies and bitter cold of Korea; the jungles, Close Air Support (really close, day and night), the SAMs and AAA of Vietnam; and now the scorching heat of Mid-East deserts. The places change, the faces don’t. A few grizzled veterans of former wars lead young men and now women into combat. The kids are from our families, the same kids who wouldn’t study, who thought cars and sports were more important than algebra and chemistry and who wouldn’t even make their beds. We shook our heads and thought they would never change, but change they did. They grew up. No matter how strong the wind, how dark the night, how deep the ocean, our kids never fail us. When sent into danger, they are awesome. We are the veterans of the past and can tell them how it was.  They are our present and future and can tell us how it is. God bless them. God bless all Veterans, past and present and God bless the United States of America.


From the board and officers of the Super Sabre Society:

Shep, Eddie, Dick, Hoppy, Jim, Medley, JJ, Dave, Win, Dewey, Pete


Don Shepperd, President

Eddie Bracken, Vice President

Dick Pietro, Director at Large

Bob Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer

Jim Williford, Secretary

Medley Gatewood, Publisher, The Intake

John Schulz, Editor, The Intake

Dave Hatten, Treasurer

Win Reither, Chief Information Officer

Dewey Clawson, Membership Chairman

Pete Collins, Legal Advisor


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