Thanks from Covey FAC Tim Eby

covey-ov-10From Covey FAC, Tim Eby

I Enjoyed the AOPA video about the guys flying the Hun one-more-time.

I was an OV-10 Covey FAC, Covey 540 in the 20th TASS based at Pleiku and flying the Laotian mission, 1970-71.  I may be your best non-Hun qualified fan.

You guys were the most professional, most accurate, most reliable guys that we FACs worked.  Apparently the feeling was mutual, as one flight lead invited me to come down to Phan Rang to party with them.  I accepted on the basis of getting to fly with them, too.  So I flew 3 missions that day in the F model, the last one at night.  That’s another story in itself.

Point is, I loved you guys.  I remember one mission, actually in
Cambodia where we also flew, with a four-ship of Huns saving some friendlies.  I asked them to keep ordnance on the tree line at all times, covering one another, but I might as well have saved my breath.

They performed an aerial ballet that brought tears to my eyes.
Incredible.  Hand salute to all of your members!

Tim Eby

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