Eddie Bracken and Dick Pietro, who were elected in 2016, are running unopposed for VP and Director-at-Large for the next four years.

We’d like to thank Eddie Bracken and Dick Pietro for their contribution to the Super Sabre Society by serving on the BOD since 2016.

Please read the following 2020 election statements for Eddie and Dick. Reminder, voting starts on October 1st.

Election Statement for Eddie Bracken to serve as VP of the Super Sabre Society.

M/Gen Eddie Bracken retired from the Air Force in 1992 after 33 years of service.  For the first 25 years of his service, he held various positions in fighter aircraft operations.  His first operational fighter assignment was in F-100s in the 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Alexandra, Louisiana. He then was assigned to the 35th TFS at Itazuke Japan in the Hun and then transitioned to the F-105.  The unit moved to Yokota AB Japan and from that location he served TDY with the 35th TFS in the F-105 at Korat AB and Takhli AB Thailand.  Returning to the US he was assigned to Nellis as an instructor in the F-105 and to the initial cadre of the F-111 program.  Six months after being assigned to Nellis he was transferred to Edwards AFB and attended the Aerospace Research Pilots School.  On graduating from the Test Pilot School he was assigned to Eglin AFB and was involved in flight test programs for the F-100, F-105 and F-111. Two years later in the fall of 1969 he was reassigned to Takhli AB Thailand for another combat tour in the F-105, returning to Air Command & Staff College in the summer of 1970.  After Command & Staff he was assigned to the Pentagon in Fighter Requirements.  He attended the National War College and graduated in the summer of 1976 and was transferred to Mountain Home AFB where he commanded the 391st TFS equipped with the F-111Fs before moving to Lakenheath England where he assumed the command of the 493rd TFS.  His flying career culminated as the Commander of the 48th TFW (Statue of Liberty Wing) in the United Kingdom, operating the F-111F Pave Tack Weapon System.  He had over 5,000 airmen under his command.

The last 8 years of his service was focused on Logistics Operations.  He was the Vice Commander of an Air Logistics center that had over 25,000 civilian and military personnel assigned.  He served a three year tour in the Pentagon where he was the Director of Air Force Logistics Plans and Programs.  In this capacity he was responsible for the formulation, advocacy and execution of a $50 Billion yearly budget for Air Force Logistics Operations.  His last assignment was at Wright Patterson AFB as the Chief of Staff for Air Force Logistics Command.  In that time frame, Air Force Logistics Command had close to 90,000 military and civilian personnel assigned.   Since his retirement from the Air Force he worked as a consultant to numerous aviation and space companies advising them on long range plans, financial strategies and business process re-engineering practices.  He also worked on various studies for Air Force and Department of Defense.  Since 2002 he has volunteered in a pro-bono status for numerous activities in the Colorado Pikes Peak region as well as founding a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization to assist in the recovery of the devastating fire that occurred in 2013 that destroyed 500 homes in the Black Forest.  Joan his first wife of 53 years passed away in 2012 from Pancreatic Cancer and he has since married for the second time to Nancy Gorsich Bracken who also lost her husband to Cancer.  They are co-founders of Black Forest Together, Inc. and reside in their home in Kissing Camels, Colorado Springs.

I have served as Vice President of the Society for eight years and look back on that time frame as one where the Society has grown into an organization that is totally transparent and open to the membership.  That is the goal we set about eight years ago and we have met these challenges in my view. As officers of the society that is a mandate to the membership that we took on as a responsibility when elected the first time around. My goal is to continue that charter if elected this time.  My long term goals are to preserve the history of the F-100 and those who flew it telling the story of the F-100 and those who flew it in peace and war so that history, long after we have gone west, will know who we were and what we did. We were awesome once and still are – preserving our stories for families, friends, and history – the F-100 and those who flew it. I accept this challenge and pledge my support to the Officers and Board members as we try our mightiest to meet this Challenge.  I also endorse Dick Pietro as Director-at-Large who is also running for reelection.

Election Statement for Dick Pietro to serve as Director-at-Large


I’m running for re-election as the “Director-at-Large” a position I’ve held for the past six years. In that position I’ve participated in strategic planning and policy setting decisions always keeping the best interest of all our members in mind.

I joined the Super Sabre Society in 2012 and was soon asked to help out on the Membership Committee. I still hold a seat on that Committee today. In 2015 I was honored by the Board and Officers, the men I serve with, to be the recipient of The Outstanding Member Award.

I strongly believe in the SSS mission to preserve the history of the F-100 Super Sabre and the men that flew it. The “Hun” introduced the aviation world to supersonic, swept wing flight.  Like it or not we “Hun Drivers” are all part of aviation history, and like the Doolittle Raiders we are a “last man standing” organization. Yet because of the work already done in the collection of bios and F-100 legacy data and stories, I believe the Super Sabre Society will live on.

We all understand that our membership will slowly decline. I feel it’s important to keep our members informed and involved in the decisions we make. Providing them with excellent products like The Intake and our high-tech website helps to carry our legacy forward to next generations. But, for now, great reunions where we can continue our lies, drink a little too much and have fun doing it, will continue to make great memories.

A little about me. I was born in Plainfield, New Jersey on July 17, 1942. When I was a young boy my sister married an Air Force fighter pilot. After listening to his many stories I knew at that point that my goal was to be a fighter pilot.

My military career began as a Private in the Army in 1960 where I trained in Infantry, Artillery, “Airborne” which later led to becoming a Green Beret. After my Army active duty tour, I joined the New Jersey Army National Guard and attended the New Jersey Military Academy where I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant Artillery. I remained in the Army Guard/Reserve including two years as the X-O of a Green Beret Operational Detachment with the 11th Special Forces Group “Airborne”.  I graduated from Bloomfield College in 1966 with a BA in Political Science. After graduation I was able to transfer my Army Guard commission to the New Jersey Air National Guard and joined the 119th TFS in Atlantic City. As luck would have it, they were flying the “Hun” at the time.

I attended pilot training at Willie Class 68-E and F-100 Combat Crew Training at Luke. In January of 1968 while still at Willie, my unit was called to active duty and sent to Myrtle Beach to set up an RTU. After activation and while still at Luke, I volunteered for Vietnam and was assigned to the 174th Tactical Fighter Squadron, of the IAANG based at Phu Cat AB, RVN. During my tour as a Phu Cat “Bat” I flew 122 combat sorties in the F-100-C. After Vietnam, I returned to Atlantic City where I continued to fly the “Hun” for several more years eventually transitioning to the F-105 “Thud”.

I sincerely want to continue serving on the Board of the Super Sabre Society.  I’m honored to have served and would appreciate your vote. In closing, I’d like to add my support for Eddie Bracken who is seeking another term as Vice President. Eddie is an experienced tireless worker and a tremendous asset to the SSS.

Respectfully submitted,  Dick Pietro

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