If this was your stock portfolio, you’d be pretty happy!

This is actually a graph of the popularity of our website.

Since 2015 we have increased visitors to our site from 80 per day to over 1100 per day. In one month, 9,121 people visited the site. 70% of these are new visitors and 30% are our own members.

We update the website daily providing new information and stories.  Biographies still continue to be the most read portion of the site, with the What’s New and Headed West categories close behind.

Members can read every past issue of The Intake right on their laptop, desktop or cell phone.

Last week we helped sell the F-100 Harv Damschen’s flew through a What’s New story on our site about the Mojave auction. The buyers contacted us for more after purchasing their Hun asking us about its history.

What’s most important about this graph is that it shows how much interest in the F-100 still exists. We get visitors from all over the world every day. Our SSS website has more information than any other site featuring the Super Sabre. We’re not just listing data we’re sharing the history of those who flew this incredible aircraft.

This is thanks to all of you who created this legacy by telling your story, and by the dedicated BOD members and contributors to our organization.

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