New Associate Member Darryl Weflen and his wife Sheila win an F-100!

Darryl Weflen and his wife Sheila heard about the F-100 auction from a friend. Darryl sends us the latest news regarding his acquisition.

Darryl Weflen, wife Sheila Stang, friend Jerry

“We purchased  N418FS at an online auction in Mojave Ca in the fall of 2020, a retired Marine pilot buddy had sent me the auction info knowing my interest in aircraft and lack of good judgment. On a Sunday afternoon while having a glass of wine with my wife Sheila we ended up “winning “ the auction.

After heading to Mojave to inspect our purchase and then speaking with the winner of the other auction F-100 N417FS we acquired 417 as a source of spare parts if we decided to restore either one to a relatively complete state. After further consideration, our current plan is to swap some of the good tin and parts on 418 over to 417 and the ground damaged 417 parts onto 418 and then donate 418 to the CAF Museum in Mesa, AZ, this spring.

We have spoken with the museum folks over the past few months and they are excited to have a Hun in their collection, as the only aircraft from this era currently is a MIG. I also believe a couple of pilots from the Phoenix area had flown this aircraft in the past so there is a nice local connection. We have a residence in the area so we will be able to visit it occasionally as well.

Our plans for 417 are still open, we may bring it back to Alberta Canada. We have a couple of nice air museums up here but have not spoken to any of them as of yet.”

Darryl became an Associate Member of the Super Sabre Society and says, “I am humbled to be involved with this group and am looking forward to learning more about the F-100’s.”

Note: Harv Damschen flew the #418 F-100 in Europe and both Jack Hartman and George Henry know the airplane

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