The Cuban Missile Crisis – Share your story.

The first story about The Cuban Missile Crisis comes from Allen Krowe.

An event in 1962 regarding the Cuban missile crisis may be of interest to the SSS group.

In formation, DC Air Guard, 113th Tac Fighter Wing.

Five Russian-made missiles, capable of reaching USA coastal cities as far North as NYC, were awaiting nuclear warheads, and on their way on a Russian ship headed for Cuba.

In response to the crisis, about 80 F-100C aircraft from the 113th TAC Fighter Wing, Andrews AFB, and the Myrtle Beach Tac Fighter Squadron were airborne and headed for Cuba.  Several flights of 4 F-100s broke off and headed East to intercept the ship. They were to instruct the ship carrying the warheads not to proceed to Cuba – to do a 180 and head back North. The ship turned around.

The rest of the F-100s continued to Cuba to make it clear that firing missiles with conventional warheads at USA cities would be a “game-over mistake”.

The missiles were removed. All quiet on the Eastern front.—A.J.

We invite you to share your story of the Cuban Missile Crisis with us to publish in the next episode of this event.

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