Now Open at the American Heritage Museum in Boston.

“Why it is so important to remember the struggles and sacrifices of the Prisoners of War of the Vietnam War.”

“You are not forgotten.

If you look at just about any flagpole in America, you will see the POW/MIA flag flying with the American flag. Since 1973, American citizens have used this symbol to honor those who suffered through years of captivity and torture and those who never came home. The words “You are not forgotten” are a constant reminder that we should always remember the sacrifices of these veterans who paid so dearly in the defense of freedom and our nation.

The American Heritage Museum constructed a lasting tribute to the POWs of the Vietnam War through the Hanoi Hilton Exhibit at the American Heritage Museum. Through the pages of this website you will learn how the original materials of several cells of the original Hỏa Lò prison in Hanoi, known by many as the “Hanoi Hilton” made their way to the United States (see “The Journey”) and were reconstructed as a core artifact within an immersive exhibit in the Vietnam War Gallery of the museum (see “The Project”). Though we accomplished this ambitious project on February 12, 2023, the 50th Anniversary of Operation Homecoming and the return of the POWs from Vietnam in 1973, we still need your support to complete the funding for the project as we still have a significant gap. Learn more about contributing in “We Need Your Help”.”

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Here is the CBS News video of the project.

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